Prayers for an Anglican Priest
Tonight, I recieved a letter from an Anglican priest, the husband of the priestess who officiates at my Mom's Episcopal Church.
Essentially, it was an unsolicited letter telling me to attend the "Roman church" rather than the Episcopal, because "the ecclesiastical structure is at least orthodox." (ROFL, he's referring to the Novus Ordo here)
This is all well and good, at least he's not trying to tell me to mend my ways and come back to the queen. However, he is very "high church" and believes that the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox churches are all diffrent branches of the "One Catholic and Apostolic Church." I think if he could be corrected of this notion, he would convert to Catholicism. That is the impression I get, anyway.
I ask for your prayers for this man, Fr. Michael, that he might see the light and convert to the Roman Catholic Church.
On another note, anyone (former Anglicans perhaps?) know of any pointed questions or strategies to attempt to debunk this "three valid churches" argument, so common among 'Anglo-Catholics?'
I can't answer your question, Eric, but I can pray for this man... You know, you might want to pose this question in the Catholic Discussion forum; I bet someone out there could get you some good info, my friend!
I've heard Cardinal Newman's stuff (don't remember which, though) is good for this.
New Advent has an excellent article on the Oxford Movement.
From there, you can click on John Henry Newman for another excellent article.
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