"Soy is making kids 'gay'"
Myth: Asians consume large amounts of soy foods.
I can't speak for Japan or China, but here in Korea we eat soy almost every day. It's a main ingredient in many soups and side dishes. Soy milk is a popular beverage as well. Most people here don't eat it as a health food or as a replacement for meat, but rather because it tastes good. I'd also say that there are significantly fewer gay people in Korea than in most western countries. Hey, maybe the soy actually prevents gayness?

I think being gay may have more to do with culture than soy anything. Just my .02.  :)
I'd hate to have to give up soy milk and ice cream, pudding, miso soup, tempeh...sigh, the list goes on.
Shhh, don't say that in front of Marty! =P
PinoyMonk Wrote:Shhh, don't say that in front of Marty! =P
  While I wouldn't eat soy if my life depended on it, I think I should point out that WorldeNetDaily is a prot, fundy sight. Good to keep an eye on, but not to be relied on!
Threw out my soy drinks with my flipflops long ago. Schnitzel the dish for me!!
Actually, it is quiche that turns men gay. That is why real men don't each quiche.

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