Kylie is Catholic!!
Today Kylie was received into the Catholic Church.

This is truly a most wonderful miracle attributed to Kylie being given a Miraculous Medal some time ago by our son (her fiancee) and graciously wearing it.

As the priest who baptised her today stated, "Kylie, the Lord has sought you out and found you and you responded to His call."

They will wed on Feb. 4th.
It will be a NO Nuptial Mass as this is all we have, but I have engaged a choir to sing the ordinary of the Mass in Latin from William Byrd's 'Mass for four voices'; and Palestrina's 'Missa Brevis' with the beautiful motet by Josquin Des Prez called 'Ave Maria...Virgo Serena' which will be sung at the signing of the register and Mozart's 'Ave Verum' after (or during) communion - my gift to the couple.

Please keep Kylie in your prayers on this wonderful joyous occasion.

One more soul destined for Heaven!! Deo Gratias :crucif:
Wonderful, wonderful news. Marty was telling us about it in chat.
Thanks be to God!!!
Oh this really made my morning bright and cheery!  I'm gonna run out and get a miraculous medal to give to my sweetheart!
What wonderful news! Deo Gratitas!
Hooray!! [Image: cheerleader.gif]

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