Vandals Decapitate Statue Of Virgin Mary
Hurry, call Foxman, notify Congress, and alert newspapers all over the world! There's been yet another case of rabid, virulent, notorious anti- -- oh wait, this crime is against Catholics. Nevermind! From
August 17, 2005
Vandals Decapitate Statue Of Virgin Mary

(Bellevue, OH) --- Seneca County Sheriffs deputies are investigating an act of vandalism, where someone attacked a statue of the Virgin Mary.
They say it happened at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue. Monday morning, shrine workers say someone caused more than $2,000 in damage when they broke into the sacred religious grotto, and decapitated a statue of the Virgin Mary.
Seneca County Sheriff's deputies say thieves also stole $12 from a locked box. Just four days prior to that, candles and lights were also damaged at the religious sight. So far, deputies say they have no suspects.
Nina Pascua is a shrine caretaker and she says that the faithful have had a chance to visit the shrine since the vandalism.
"To see something like this desecrated bothers them. This is a place where many denominations come to seek peace," she said.
Quote:This is a place where many denominations come to seek peace

That's it, folks; move along! Go home, nothing to see here. No Jews were killed or called names, just a case of the slaughter of some priests and nuns. From
Gunmen kill priest during religion class
Third clergy member slain in Colombia this week

Thursday, August 18, 2005; Posted: 8:16 p.m. EDT (00:16 GMT)
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- Gunmen dragged a Catholic priest out of a classroom in rural Colombia Thursday and shot him to death, bringing to three the number of clergy killed in the South American nation this week, officials said.
The Rev. Jesus Adrian Sanchez, 32, was teaching a high school religion class in Chaparral county, about 130 miles southwest of Bogota, when he was seized by gunmen, said parish priest Lizardo Monroy.
Monroy said he knew of no threats against Sanchez, whom he described as a good-humored priest who often rode his motorcycle to villages to celebrate Mass.
Tolima state police chief Col. Luis Ramirez said it was too early to say who may have killed Sanchez.
On Monday two Catholic priests driving their car down a country road were killed when suspected guerrillas ambushed their car with gunfire and explosives. Two laborers traveling with the priests also were killed in that attack.
The Catholic Church has played an active role in mediation efforts during Colombia's war, in which leftist groups battle the government and right-wing militias.
The clergy's front line role in the peace efforts have come at a heavy price. An archbishop, a bishop, 60 priests and three nuns have been killed in the past 20 years, many of them by armed groups involved in the conflict, according to the church.
Colombia is embroiled in a 40-year-old civil war pitting two leftist rebel armies against a handful of right-wing paramilitary factions and government forces. Some 3,000 people are killed every year, and all sides have been blamed for human rights abuses.

A couple of Jews are referred to as a "Jew couple" in a restaurant! Oh, when, when will it endHuh? Don't people know by now -- in the year 2005, in the Home of the Free and the Brave -- that Jews are not to be called "Jew" and that if there are two of them, "duo" rather than "couple" is the proper term? What that bigot waitress (who I'd bet was a filthy German) should have written is "Their Majesties" or "God's Chosen" or something along those lines. This is all so -- so stunning. I fear another Holocaust just around the corner. From

N.J. Eatery Writes 'Jew Couple' on Check
LOCH ARBOUR, N.J. - The bill was a shocker, and not because of the amount. 
After eating at a Jersey shore restaurant, Elliott Stein and his girlfriend were handed a bill that said "Jew Couple" near the bottom, as a table identifier used by the waitstaff. The slur also turned up on Stein's credit card statement weeks later.
"My grandfather went through all that in old-school Europe," Stein, a New Yorker and a regular at the restaurant, told the New York Post. "But that happened more than 50 years ago. You don't expect it to happen in 2005."
The New Jersey Attorney General's Office said Wednesday it is investigating the July incident at Parkhill's Waterfront Grill through its Division on Civil Rights.
Stein, 23, could not be reached for comment Wednesday. He did not return two telephone messages left at his office.
The server, identified on the check only as Karina, is no longer working at the restaurant, general manager Malia Wells said Wednesday. Wells wouldn't say if it was because of the incident.
"We don't run our establishment like that," Wells said. "It was definitely poor judgment on her part."
Stephen Reid, a spokesman for the restaurant, said it had been the waitstaff's practice to use descriptions of diners to identify them on checks, instead of using the number of their table, as many establishments do.
He said racial slurs were never used to describe diners.

Oh my this is just so ridiculous. Real tragedies are ignored and this crap gets press. I find it very hard to believe that "Jew couple" made it onto this man's credit card statement. Can you imagine if the couple wasn't Jewish afterall and complained about being labeled a "jew couple?" Man oh man, heads would really roll.

The Shrine where this occurred is only an hour from me. I was there just a few weeks ago actually. It is sick that someone would do such a thing, but it is also sickening to see how the place has been influenced by the N.O. In the Shrine grounds you will come upon a most strange sight. At the newly built grotto to the Divine Mercy, there is a BEHIND the grotto facing nothing an old brass Communion Rail in an "L" shaped artistic fashion to match the L shaped front of the grotto. It makes absolutely no sense to have it where it is other than aesthetics. Someone paid big money to donate that rail to have it exposed to the elements in disuse. It brings a tear to your eye. It may have come out of the original chapel when it was renovated, I don’t know for sure.  


A little FYI that most folks don't know about. We had an FSSP priest say the Traditional Mass there in 1998. We were supposed to be assigned to the hideous outdoor open-air chapel, but as Providence would have it, the weather was bad and we got to use the old main chapel! It is hard to explain the thoughts going through one's mind when you know that is the first True Mass being said on that altar in decades, and that is may be decades before it happens again.


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