My mother needs prayers please
Some of you may have read about the conundrum of my mother's care under my brother. I just found out today that it's quite possible my brother, Tim, has a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order for mom. The woman who is taking care of her made the statement to my oldest brother, Ron, that if she even attempts to save mom from choking or a heart attack, she could go to jail. I am just sick sick sick about this. I also found out that this caretaker woman has partial power of attorney over mom.

I finally got to talk to mom today on the phone. I can barely understand her, especially since my hearing isn't that great anyway. But I told her when I come down to Ohio to see her, how would she like it if I took her to Church? She said a great big "YEAH!" to that. To make sure she understood what I meant, I worded it differently, "You'd like to go to Mass huh mom?" "YEAH!" again. No one is bothering to nourish her soul. I've given her a Rosary chaplet and scapular over a year ago, something she loved before her stroke, and she cried her eyes out. I've got a Crucifix that says "I'm a Catholic in an emergency call a Priest," and another rosary for her. I was thinking perhaps getting her the rosary on tape as well along with saying the rosary with her while I'm with her. I haven't mailed them because I didn't have an address and couldn't get it from anyone down there. :(

If any of you could offer up some prayers that at the very least I can find some way to get this DNR lifted, I would appreciate it so very much. If anyone knows an attorney in Ohio willing to do pro bono work on this, send him/her my way. I know that would be a miracle huh?

Edited to add: Would it be okay to take her to Confession if she can't be understood by the priest?
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This is so evil I can't believe it.  I don't know about the confession thing, but while you are there, I would ask a trad priest if he can give her Extreme Unction too even though her death isn't immanent.  I sincerely hope that you will find some legal recourse to turn this abuse around. 

Definitely ask for her to receive extreme unction.

These are the patrons for lawyers:
The St. Thomas More Society does pro bono work in the US. and so does the American Bar Association.

Thank you dear sweet ladies! I'll be sure to get a hold of a Trad priest before I go back to Ohio for Extreme Unction. Thank you for the info posted! I sent an email off this evening and will be giving a try at some phone calls tomorrow or snail mail if that doesn't work.

It's amazing the people who don't find anything wrong with the set up of a DNR like this. :crazy:

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