Where have all the men gone?
Guess I'm slow -- I don't see the connection.
bupanishad2012 Wrote:I would humbly, as a man, suggest that you listen, or re-listen, to the song "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" (I forget the singer's name, but it was a hit a few years back).  It says a lot, sadly, about our side of the species!

Speak fer yerself, pilgrim.
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NewCatholic Wrote:I say, if you can't tell the difference between having sex and dancing, or sex and going to the restroom, your difficulty is more troublesome than originally thought. This mindset is best left to the Prot fundies IMHO.

This reminds me of the old joke:
Why do Baptists never make love standing up?
They're afraid somebody might think they're dancing.

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