Prayers to St. Dymphna for all those who suffer depression and anxiety. [Image: prayer3.gif]
God, Dr. Lawrence E. White, and Prozac saved my life.
I believe that nearly all depression can be cured with therapy, anti-depressents may be necessary temporary measures to stablize the individual while in therapy but they are too often the first, last and only measure a psychiatrist takes.
See a psychologist (someone who speciality is in clinical therapy) and then if he recommends medication he'll refer you to your family doctor or a psychiatrist he knows to get you a prescription but since he can't write the prescription himself he's more likely to try other things first.
If you go to someone, they immeadiately start you on meds, your appointments consists of "seeing how you are doing on the meds" (lasting 20 mins or less) and there are no efforts to get you off the meds... you have a quack that knows nothing of human psychology and is just a bought and paid for tool of the pharamacutical industry.

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