My hands
During the winter my hands get so dry they hurt. Any suggestion to help them, thank you.

Vaseline or baby oil.
Baby oil is bad because it is made from mineral oil and leaches nutrients from your body.
Vaseline (if you don't mind petroleum products) is wonderful and always heals my dry skin.  Slather your hands with vaseline right before you go to bed, and put socks on them.  You will wake up in the morning with much better skin.
If you really want to use oil, then any vegetable oil is good- olive oil, grapeseed, apricot, etc.
Almond oil would be good, too. It absorbs quickly. Have you considered a parafin wax bath? I purchased one from Sally's Beauty supplies for about 40 bucks (bath, wax, mitts, ect. included). I work in the printing business and dealing with paper all day is a good way to dry out hands and it leads to cracking and pain. The wax bath really helps keep my hands moisturized, so I think it was worth the investment.

We use it on my dh's hands and feet every once in a while and it does wonders for his feet especially.
I like coconut oil. I am allergic to vaseline and mineral oil, so it is a good alternative for me. I have also been told by a couple different dermatologists that shortening is excellent for dry skin problems since it is unscented and undyed. It stays greasy for a long time though.
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Like everyone else said, scrap the baby oil, seems I made a mistake. Olive oil should be good.
I also recommend coconut oil!
I second the coconut oil also. :) It's good for hair too. When I used to swim everyday my friend and I made an oil for our hair (to help with the chlorine). We mixed Jojoba oil (with essential oils) and some coconut oil. We would comb it through our dry hair at night and braid it for swimming the next morning. The oil absorbs well and helps to keep the chlorine from absorbing into the hair folicles. We'd wash it out after swimming with just basic shampoo. After six months of swimming my hair was stronger and healthier than when we began. The coconut oil would slightly harden on our hair overnight and that really helped keep the moisture in. It works great! :)
Thank you for the help everyone.

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