mojomama Wrote:
Quote:<FONT color=#333333><SPAN style="COLOR: rgb(192,192,192)"><FONT color=#333333>This was on the board where they posted pictures of kids with food allergies and special situations.</FONT></FONT></SPAN>

Since the story doesn't say where the board was, there's not enough information here to draw any kind of conclusion.  If it was where it was intended for faculty and staff access, the information might be valuable in the event that the child in question, or another child or adult, presented with symptoms of one of the illnesses that the majority of the children were immunized against, but not the child in question.  For example, most kids are now immunized against chicken pox.  If the child in question, however, presented with the appearance of a rash, a teacher would be well advised to notify the parents to have him checked immediately, much more so than for immunized kids.

It doesn't matter where the picture was. Being allergic to peanuts is one thing (a result of immunisation, I'll put my house on it) but not being immunised against diseases like Hep B, rubella, and chicken pox surly cannot be put in the same basket.
How many kids who have been immunised against chicken pox get chicken pox?
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