Oregano Oil
My family has used oregano oil for a year or so now. Two weeks ago we all came down with the flu and severe sore throats. Strep throat has been going around town so I'm pretty sure that's what it was. We took 15-20 drops of oil (brand: oreganol) and were all well by the third day. It's expensive, but a lot cheaper than the doctor.
You poor pets, ear ache is so cruel.
I had the most wicked infection about a year ago after attending a very powerful (albeit NO ) retreat. It was so cruel I was sure it was a pay back from the devil.

My chiropractor showed my kids how to drain their ears after swimming or a head cold etc. Just gently keep running your finger down the groove at the back of your ear to the bottom of your chin a number of times a day. She maintained that it helped empty the canals and keep everything moving. She also told me to treat the children's ear aches with onion juice dripped into the ear a couple of times a day. (something to do with sulphur)

A cranial adjustment from a good chiropractor is a huge help too.
the warm sock of salt or even a rice or wheat bag should give relief - just don't leave the bag in the micro too long.

Oregano Oil sounds the shot.

If all fails you can always offer it all up for the souls in purgatory.

I know St. Blaise is the patron of throats - is there an ear patron?
Quote:the warm sock of salt or even a rice or wheat bag should give relief - just don't leave the bag in the micro too long.
Hear that ATC?? Not too long, ok. 
Okay, I got the salt sock thing figured out. I used two, one inside the other to double the thickness. Then, I turned it over after one minute. I put the thing at the back of the ear where the eustachian tubes could get the benefit and ended up with my ear draining. Perhaps it ruptured? Anyway, I am going to keep using the heated salt sock as often as I can today. I am not going to put oil in my ear b/c it might have a perforation. Instead, I am going to put some oil on a bit of cotton and put it just inside the outer ear.
Since the oregano oil gives off so much heat, I think I will try putting some behind my ear and see if that helps move things along.
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