Salvete, amici
Hello all,

Although I've been enjoying the Fisheaters site for a long time now (since it was hosted on Kensmen), I just now realized that it had a forum.

As much as I love arguing with modernists and poor, misguided "progressives," sometimes it's nice to be able to relax and have a pleasant conversation with fellow tradition-loving Catholics, without having to extend my already too long list of people I need to pray for. So, I decided to join. Maybe I can even learn some stuff here, I hope.

Just began a new job (Jan 10), and am impressed with how professional and nice my co-workers are. Never before had I had the pleasure of working with such a great group of people... Ash Wednesday revealed a very pleasant surprise: the vast majority of my co-workers are Catholics! I don't know how devout they are (well, devout enough to get ashes, anyway), but they all behave the way Catholics are supposed to, so for me, this is a real blessing. Maybe God is rewarding me for all the nastiness I've had to put up with at past jobs, I don't know.

BTW, my name is Jeff. (Obviously not "Neil Aubstadt"! That'll be my nom de plume if I ever become an apologist, I guess.)

Now, to find a good avatar....

love the moniker...welcome!
Welcome Jeff! It is a pleasure to have you here! :)[Image: hellosmiley.gif]
Cool. I see you make your own wine?
how does a traditional loving Catholic survive in Boston? From what I hear the TLM is pretty scarce up there.
Avalonik Wrote:Cool. I see you make your own wine?

Yep. Tried it, anyway. Raspberry and blueberry; turned out just okay. Next time I'll be more careful and take more precautions (and not be lazy). Might help.

timjp77 Wrote:how does a traditional loving Catholic survive in Boston? From what I hear the TLM is pretty scarce up there.

It is scarce; there's only one that I know of, but there's a daily TLM not too far from Worcester, in Still River.

Besides which, I live in Manhattan (for the time being), so it's a simple matter of going down to St. Agnes, right next to Grand Central (and believe me, St. Agnes is the Grand Central of Catholic Churches. You should see their Mass schedule!)

And there's another in Chatham, on Cape Cod, which is the only other place I spend any significant amount of time, so I guess you could say I'm covered.[Image: thumb.gif]

(You see how God provides!)


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