for my step-mother
She lives in Lighthouse Point, FL about 1/2 a mile from the coast.
Hurricane Katrina is due to hit her pretty much dead on in about 1 hr.

update - hitting now, I forgot about the time difference. I just spoke to her on the phone. She is about 10 mi north of Ft. Lauderdale, this is the current doppler radar image

[Image: us_mia_closeradar_small_usen.jpg]

praying she's kept safe.
[Image: prayer3.gif] Praying now.
Do you have an update?
I don't know anyone in New Orleans but God help them. This little category 1 that hit FL the other day is now a Category 5 with 160+ MPH winds!!!

[Image: 5_28_082605_katrina_1145pm.jpg]
I think alot more need our prayers now. This puppy is going to do some damage.

Mom has quite a few relatives in and around New Orleans. :pray2:
The Prayer or Blessing Against Storms

is of great importance

(At each '+', make the Sign of The Cross)

Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in Peace.+  God became man,+  and the Word was made flesh.+  Christ was born of a Virgin.+  Christ suffered.+  Christ was crucified.+  Christ died.+  Christ rose from the dead.+  Christ ascended into Heaven.+  Christ conquers.+  Christ reigns.+  Christ orders.+  May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning+  Christ went through their midst in Peace,+  and the word was made flesh.+  Christ is with us with Mary.+  Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the Generation of Juda, the Root David, has won.+  Holy God!+  Holy Powerful God!+  Holy Immortal God!+  Have mercy on us. Amen!

Category 5, 4th strongest hurricane on record and the most powerful to hit the U.S. since Camille in 1969. 175-180 MPH sustained winds.
New Orleans is 12 ft below sea level, it's essentially a bowl with Lake Ponchatrain on one side and the Mississippi River on the other.
This should make landfall Monday morning, if it doesn't change it's speed. There may be nothing left of New Orleans come Tuesday morning

[Image: 2xg1_ir_anim.gif]


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