Hi - introducing myself
The proposition that the new rites of the sacraments are lacking to the extent that they are not valid is an argument that can be supported to some extent. If it were to be true the associated problems are too extensive and traumatic to be considered, so I don't and suggest you don't either.
I would suggest finding a Parish where the Truths contained in the Divine Traditions of Catholicism are preserved properly so you don't have to worry about the validity of novus ordo consecrations and other sacraments. It will only challenge your belief that God has it all in hand and do you no good.
Just worry about yourself at first and move on from there if you must. Validity of the novus ordo is a very scary subject because of what it means for those caught up in it should it be invalid. I dearly hope it is valid for the sake of those involved, but I am in a situation where the consequences do not effect my family or I personally.
Good Luck there mate. See you on the forum.

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