yeah, chemicals.
It's disgusting what the companies get away with. check this out:
"Accidental Poisoning
“More children under four die of accidental poisonings at home than are accidentally killed with guns at home.”
—National Safety Council

Long-Term Health Risks of Common Household Products
“Of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.”
—Consumer Product Safety Commission

A 15-year study revealed that women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside the home. This has been directly linked to the high concentration of harsh chemicals in the home.
—1990 Toronto Indoor Air Conference

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    Toxic Ingredients in Personal Care Products
The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) analyzed 2,983 chemicals used in personal care products. The results were as follows:
  • 884 of the chemicals were toxic
  • 314 caused biological mutation
  • 218 caused reproductive complications
  • 778 caused acute toxicity
  • 148 caused tumors
  • 376 caused skin and eye irritations.
—Judith Berns, “The Cosmetic Cover-up,” Human Ecologist 43 (Fall 1989)
Indoor Air Pollution
“According to the EPA, most homes have airborne concentrations of hazardous and toxic chemicals that are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. In one five-year study, the EPA reported that a number of homes had chemical levels that were seventy times higher inside the homes than outside!”
—Green, Poisoning Our Children

Links About Toxins in the Home
TRADE SECRETS: A MOYERS REPORT is an investigation of the history of the chemical revolution and the companies that drove it....”

The Center for Children’s Health and the Environment (CCHE) is the nation’s first academic research and policy center to examine the links between exposure to toxic pollutants and childhood illness.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention A-Z Index of Health Topics: Contains in-depth definitions and resources on risk factors and prevention for a vast array of today's health concerns.

Children's Health Environmental Coalition: “CHEC's mission is to inform parents...about preventable health and development problems caused by exposures to toxic substances in homes....”

Environmental Defense is fighting to protect human health, restore our oceans and ecosystems, and curb global warming.”

EPA Glossary of Household Products with Hazards from A to Z

National Institutes of Health & National Library of Medicine's Household Products Database: “What's under your kitchen sink, in your garage, in your bathroom, and on the shelves in your laundry room? Learn more about what's in these products, about potential health effects, and about safety and handling.”

Natural Resources Defense Council: “Every day we are exposed to thousands of chemicals, including hundreds known to cause serious harm to people and the environment. NRDC educates the public about the health threats posed by toxic chemicals.”

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Concerned Citizens Resources: “Become familiar with environmental issues and potential environmental and human health risks caused by pollution. Learn how you, your family, and your community can protect the environment.”

You can choose safer, more cost-effective
options for your family."

  For more information or if you're interested in finding out how to get safe, all natural products, please go to this link, and click, request more information at the top of the site.         I started working for a company that makes all natural products (that my mom's been into for a while), that don't have any harmful chemicals in them, and I figured that so many of you have familes with children and what not that you guys might want a heads up on what's in Windex, Bleach, Tide, Dial, Crest, lotions, makeup, etc.  (I really don't mean this just as a "plug" or anything, I just thought this was disgusting and that ya'll should know what these chemicals can cause).  The links are awesome.   Ciao

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