This will get you up and going
This will give you plenty of strength and energy.

1. Dice up some onions, garlic, mushrooms and your favourite green veges. I like broccoli, brussell sprouts, zuccini, green capsicum, beans etc.
2. Brown these veges in some butter or oil and tip them in to a bowl.
3. Add a can of diced tomatoes to bowl of veges and stir in some chopped parsley and spinach.
4. Brown a big T bone steak quickly on both sides.
5. Tip the sauce in pan over steak and cover. Simmer until your happy to turn it and turn it over. Simmer again until your happy. The bone will probably start to rise out of the steak.

This is beautiful and you will feel great after it. Goes great with a big piece of roast pumpkin and roast carrot.

Enjoy. [Image: biggrin.gif]
Sounds good.
I'll pass on the roast pumkin, though.
Maybe a baked potato instead.

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