Any cocktail drinkers in the house?
VoxClamantis Wrote:grapefruit juice and vodka

Ah yes, the Salty Dog, another fav of mine :)
Beer is good.  Wine is good.  All the stuff that used to be made by monks is good.  As for mixed drinks, my attitude is that, if you're going to drink poison, it should taste like poison.

Quote:Originally Posted by VoxClamantis: "Bloody Lizzies" (the proper Catholic name for "Bloody Marys," ahem)

I too am a shot taker. Back in Wyoming all my girlfriends took tequila, but I'm definately a vodka person. I've got a neat book on how to float shots. Dh and I would sit around with all these bottles out floating about twelve or so shots and then take them one by one. It was a blast. Of course these shots were made with a lot of the sugary stuff so they didn't pack much punch. But, they were fun.
Philomena Wrote:I love cocktails. (I used to be a bartender in a Polynesian restaurant, so my experience has been with the more exotic type of drink - Singapore slings and crocodile coolers. I don't think I've ever made classics like a Manhattan or a martini.) Nevertheless my personal favorites are pretty ordinary - margaritas, vodka tonic, tequila sunrise, blue lagoon...

What is a blue lagoon and crocodile cooler?

I've got a small collection of Mr. Boston Bartender Guides, the oldest dating from 1935, so I guess I'm definately a classics person. :) I tend to do the tropical thing when we go out for sushi. They have great stuff at one of our local restaurants, including a great tropical type of Long Island Iced-tea.

The bad thing about being a classic cocktail drinker is that you usually have to tell the bartender how to make the drink. We've had bad luck with the Tom Collins and Manhattans, no one really knows how to make one and the recipes aren't usually in their box/sheets/whatever.
nicollette Wrote:What is a blue lagoon and crocodile cooler? 

You can probably find both of them in Mr. Boston's. A blue lagoon is vodka and blue curacao with lemonade - a nice aperitif on a hot day (or night). And a crocodile cooler - let's see if I can remember... is vodka and Midori with pineapple juice and 7-Up (and possibly one other ingredient that I've forgrotten...).
Traditional cocktails that I like:

Vodka Gimlet (straight up)
Gin and Tonic w/ a twist (on the rocks)

I'm not a martini drinker as I don't like vermouth.  But I'll take a couple of olives marinating in iced gin or vodka! ;)

Newer cocktails that I like ...

Lemon Drop Martini
Sour Apple Martini

Marty Wrote:
Kenny Wrote:I love cocktails!


Only if I like nothing else but cocktails. But in fact I love cocktails as much as I love beer and wine. Happy!
Would NyQuil with a Mountain Dew chaser count?  [Image: tongue.gif]


1-1/2 oz. Gin (Tanqueray)
3/4 oz. Apricot Brandy Liqueur
1/4 tsp. Orange Juice
1 dash Bitters

Shaken with ice.
For those into "presentation," it's kosher to add a cherry and a twist of orange peel.

I'm partial to cosmopolitans myself, and mixed drinks in general really, but not daiquiris.
Squashed Frog, Long Island Ice Tea.

Does a Four Horseman count? :D

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