Easter Dinner
I roasted a turkey, made Mushroom Rice Pilaf, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Lemon-butter Asparagus, Broccoli for the boys (they won't eat asparagus, but they LOVE broccoli..how weird is that? lol), and crusty French rolls. I was supposed to make Creamy Lemon Squares to go for dessert, but everyone was eating chocolate, and I ran out of time and energy. :p
If folks aren't tired of hearing about Easter dinner, here's what we had yesterday:

Wines: Shiraz, Pinot Grigio

cheese & crackers, pate and crackers, sliced mangoes

Beer: Guinness, Redbridge (gluten-free, hubby's got Celiac disease so no gluten for him)

Roast Chicken with herbs and butter
Spanakopita (DH got the filling baked in ramekins)
Greek Green Beans
Roasted potatoes with lemon and oregano
Mac and cheese for the vegatarian's main dish (2 of my kids are veggies)

Orange layer cake with Orange creamcheese frosting(gluten-free & delicious - the ultimate compliment was given "you can't even TELL it's gluten-free".)

And of course lots of chocolate.


Ooh, Easter dinner, I'm still licking my lips. We had five courses that went something like this:

First course
French onion soup with toasted French baguette and Swiss cheese

Second course
Leg of lamb roasted with garlic and rosemary and cream pan sauce
Roasted new red potatoes
Steamed asparagus
Red wine

Third course
Salad of baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette

Fourth course
Assorted fruits and cheeses
White wine and Port

Fifth course
Apple dumplings with maple butter sauce
Port and coffee

It took about two hours to eat, I do love the French way of dining.

Oh my goodness, Johanna....do you often serve your meals in courses? Your Easter dinner sounds AMAZING!!
We have been serving dinners in courses more and more often lately, once we had done it a few times it got a lot easier.  Now whenever we have guests or it's a holiday we just assume we will do it.  Everyone really seems to enjoy it, and it adds a whole new dimension to the meal, especially with the wines for each course. 
I get to serve one again next weekend to my in-laws for my husband's birthday.

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