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Hi, My name is Kyle Hamilton I came into the Church this Easter and I've found this website to be filled with useful infomation about the church. I thought I would share my conversion story with everyone.

"Conversion is a form of martyrdom.  It involves the surrender of
oneself - body, mind intellect and faith to Christ.  It requires
docility and a willingness to be led to the truth, and for many the
truth lies in a direction 'where you do not want to go.' (John
- Patrick Madrid, convert to Catholicism & author of "Surprised by Truth"

Letting myself go to God has proven to be one of the hardest things for me to do I’ve had to change my mind and lifestyle to follow what God wrote on my heart ages ago. When I was still in Oxnard I started to feel God bumping me towards a more holy life and eventually toward the Catholic Church. One night I went walking just to get out and away from the noise of my house, It was on that walk when I started thinking about how empty church had become for me at St. Paul’s and how life as an Episcopalian had less meaning for me, I had never really gotten much out of going to church but I still went because I got something even if that something was incredibly small. Then it hit me, Catholic. That one word with out warning just entered my head with the up most clarity, its funny to think about this moment today because when it happened I stopped and verbally said “No”. My mind raced for days after that, Catholic. I went on another walk a couple of night’s later flustered and asked God over and over, “Not Catholic please anything but Catholic”. I just ignored it for a couple of weeks till one day I looked up how to properly convert, I told myself I was just looking and I had no intention to go though with it, that’s when I learned about RCIA and the sacraments. A few months later I came home from Brooks, it was then that I finely was able to say yes to God and looked up the nearest Catholic Church to my house, which happened to be Our Lady of Perpetual Help. My sisters went to Our Lady of Perpetual Help for elementary school so I knew where the church was but I hadn’t set foot on the school campus let alone the church in 8 years. Going into the church office I knew that becoming Catholic was going to change my life, I knew that my family would disapprove, I knew that my friends would question me and disapprove, and I knew that changing my life for God wasn’t going to easy. Yet I kept walking towards the office and signed up for RCIA. Every Thursday after that I went to catholic class and learned more and more about my own faith in God and his church. I even started attending quasi daily mass *I don’t wake before the crack of noon for any man so 7am mass and I aren’t good friends* after every mass, every novena, every RCIA class I’ve felt God’s love in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible 9 or 10 months ago. The strongest time I’ve felt God’s grace has been right after my first confession, it was all I needed to know that everything I was doing was right and that I was going in the right direction with my spiritual life. Now I let God guide me I don’t ask questions or doubt myself anymore I let his grace nudge me into my proper place.

kylehamilton Wrote:Not Catholic please anything but Catholic.

Ah, yes, I remember the feeling all too well. Thanks be to God, I (like you) finally stopped insisting, and I entered the Church at the age of 30 (at the Easter Vigil 27 years ago). God bless you and welcome aboard!


Don McMaster

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