Dear Friends in Christ,
Within 7 days our first child is born.   Our doctor is a faithful Catholic and has been a great blessing.  After all of the preparation (preparing the nursery, doing all of the big house chores in early spring, etc.) for baby we were faced with a stark reality this week.   We met with our prospective pediatrician (referred by our Catholic doctor and fellow parishioner).   She let us know up front that she was very pro-vaccination and that we needed to be aware of that.   I trust our doctor's opinion and referal but I know many of you are more studied on this matter then us new parents.   My question is what vaccines should we avoid?   I could never live with myself if we used a vaccine made of disturbing material...   I believe in science and vaccination for the most part.   I do not believe in achieving health through unethical matters.   Thank you for your input!

--- IM

Here is the list of vaccines produced using aborted babies as well as the ethical alternatives fromChildren of God for Life You can also obtain pamphlets from them free of charge to leave lying around at the doctor's office as well [Image: wink.gif] The website also has a list of pro-life doctors willing to use the ethical alternatives if you believe in vaccines.



I think Kathy (AdoramusTeChriste) has done some extensive research on the different types of vaccinations. Hopefully, she'll be along soon to reply. :)
Congratulations, IM!

I'm sure that opinions regarding vaccines differ widely here on FE. For what it's worth, here is mine: Like you, I trust my pediatrician's advice, and I do vaccinate. The only vaccine that I refuse is the flu vaccine, because it is still made with the preservative Thimerasol, which contains large amounts of mercury, which may be toxic. To my way of thinking, mercury poisoning  poses a greater threat to my child's health than the common flu. My pediatrician supports this decision. Although she is not convinced that Thimerasol is dangerous, and she does generally recommend the vaccine, she thinks that my decision is a sensible one, since my son is not in daycare and so has little risk of contracting the flu. 

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