Hello (from Melbourne Australia)
Hello. I am Marcel, a 22 year old convert to Catholicism living in Melbourne Australia. I have just signed up to the discussion forum.

The most interesting thing about me is that I am engaged to be married in June. My fiance is very beautiful, a strong Catholic and I am the most excited one can be. I'm not sure how I ended up a 'Traditional' Catholic, but the pain and suffering I feel at most of the Diocesan Masses I attend is probably a large reason.

I attend the Indult as often as possible, and when I am not there I feel as f I were in exile. I do think it is redemptive and worthwhile to suffer in the 'main liturgical body' of the Church, so I'm not what you would call 'exclusively Tridentine'. The Tridentine Mass is one of the great loves of my life, truly, and I am always interested in robust discussion with other Traditional Catholics.

That is me, God bless.
Hey mate, good luck with the wedding!
Welcome to eaters :tiphat:
G'day and welcome!
Welcome to the site.

Always good to have another Aussie on board :smile
Welcome! :)
G'day...and welcome :)
Welcome to Fisheaters!

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