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Hey everyone,

I'm Justin, and I'm originally from New Jersey, but I'm currently a sophomore history major at American University in DC.  The only thing worse than going to a school that is affiliated with the United Methodists is a school that is affiliated with the United Methodists but pretends that it's secular. 

I'm quite new to traditional Catholicism, as I was raised quite firmly in a Novus Ordo parish.  In its defense, though, it is relatively conservative.  We have the occasional patriotic tune or "pop" hymn,  but we have good priests that never were swept up in the post Vatican II nonsense.  I was first exposed to tradition through reading Malachi Martin's book, The Jesuits.  I highly recommend it for anyone interested in a detailed history of the turning of the Society. 

Personally, I identify myself as being somewhere between being a conservative and a traditionalist (I was an 84 on the "What kind of Catholic are You?" test).  I've been to a Novus Ordo Mass said in Latin, and I really enjoyed it, but I identify more with traditional values; my friends have to feed me to stop me from ranting about Eucharistic ministers and why women shouldn't be priests.

Oh, and my theology professor thinks it's funny that I have the same name as St. Justin Martyr...

Welcome to Eaters.
Hope you have fun, learn, teach and drink beer. :tiphat:
Welcome! :)
Justin, in Washington D.C. [727 Fifth St. NW,]  there is Saint Mary Mother of God Church, which has the Tridentine Mass every Sunday at 9 a.m. and every second Sunday of the month at 5 p.m.

Saint Mary Mother of God 
Hi, Justin! I live in Alexandria, and I am a grad student at CUA. Sounds like you're in about the same place I am - conservative-leaning-traditional. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk sometime. If you haven't attended Mass at St. Mary's in Chinatown yet, I recommend it. It's a beautiful parish.

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