There are many erroneous ideas about sulfites, so to put the record straight:
  • All wines contain sulfites.  Yeast naturally produce sulfites during fermentation so there is only a rare wine which contains none.
  • The US requires a "sulfite" warning label and Australia requires a label indicating "preservative 220," but nearly <B>all winemakers add sulfites</B>, including those in France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile, etc etc. So, the wine you drink in foreign countries contains sulfites, but you just are not being warned about it when purchased abroad.  Survey studies show that European wines contain an average of 80 mg/L sulfites just as in the US.
    <LI>There are a few (very few) winemakers who make wines without adding sulfites.  In the US, organic wine must be made without added sulfites.  These are unusual because the wine is very perishable and often have unusual aromas from the aldehydes that are normally bound and rended aroma-less by the sulftes. Look for these wines at natural food stores. <LI><B><B>Sulfites do not cause headaches!!! </B> There is something in red wine that causes headaches, but the cause has not yet been discovered.  Refer to the Bakalinsky article above.   (Many people seem to connect their headache with the sulfite warning label, but sorry there is no connection).  To avoid headaches, try drinking less wine, and drink with food.   If you think sulfites are causing your headache, try eating some orange-colored dried apricots, and let me know if that induces a headache.  If not, sulftes are not the likely culprit.  These bright colored dried fruits typically have 2000 mg/kg sulfites, so a two ounce serving (56 gm) should contain about 112 mg sulfites.

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