More FDA news; V8 is a drug?
Not as nutty as the other article posted, but still pretty scary.


Feds eye control of vitamins, supplements – even water!
FDA looks to regulate natural substances as drugs, with prescriptions from doctors

Posted: April 24, 2007
9:30 p.m. Eastern

I USED to have constant chronic sinus condition, with constant chronic sinus infection.

I USED to have a severe sensitivity to light, any kind of light.

I USED to have clinical depression.

I USED to have chronic insomnia.

I USED to have arthritis in my hands.

Not ONE doctor ever mentioned nutrition.  Not one.

I found a company that sells superfoods.  I don't have ANY of these conditions anymore.  Not a trace.  It's been years since I've taken a prescription medication.  No wonder the FDA wants to grab up a monopoly for the pharmaceutical companies.

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