What's for dinner?
Sophia started a thread with this title a while ago, and it was fun to see what everyone was cooking, so I thought I'd resurrect the topic.

So, Fisheaters, what's for dinner tonight?

As for myself, I'll be making a roast chicken with potatoes and carrots, a green salad, and a lemon-almond pound cake.
I'm going to have a T-bone, pan seared medium rare, with a fried egg sunny side up on top.  I'll have a side of lightly sauteed spinach with lots and lots of butter, and a piece of Sprouted grain toast.

Yum... I can't wait.[Image: gimmefood.gif]

I'm planning on making homemade beef broth this weekend.  I'll let y'all know how it went.  My homemade chicken broth from last weekend is superb.
I'll be preparing a small pork tenderloin, with a parmesan/cracked pepper crust, a pot of spaetzle (German noodles) and a caesar salad. I just love how easy to prepare and delicious pork tenderloins are! And if you can get a few when they're on sale and freeze them, even better :)
Guten Apetit!
Well last night I made a pumpkin soup, it was tops!
I browned 1 onion in the pot I was using with a little butter, then cut up one whole pumpkin, added a soup mix (beans and stuff). Let it boil until the pumpkin was nice and soft, till my finger went through it.
Put the bamix through it once the beans had soften enough and added some chicken stock for taste.
It ended up being very thick so I divided it into 3 lots with 2 of them in to a freezer bag into the freezer for later, and with the rest I just added some water till it was the right consistency, a bit of salt to taste and with a couple of pieces of thick toast - feast!!!
I made chicken creole on Tuesday night and tonight I'm going to attempt beef curry. C'est bon.


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