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Does anyone have any advice on what my 14 year old daughter can use?  At present she is thoroughly cleansing her face with Clearasil face wash and then using Aloe Vera Gel from the health shop.  I have seen and known people with alot worse but she is really getting fed up with it.  It's obviously also hormonal.


My son uses this stuff and says it works pretty well. Don't know if it's available on your side though.

I know there are prescription drugs that is used to treat acne, either in the form of pills or a topical solution but I don't know if you want to go that route.
As a user, I can say that Proactive works really well, especially if you get a dermatologist to prescribe some mild antibiotics for the first few weeks.
Here is some dietary information about acne that I would recommend.  Although some of it is a little difficult to implement. 

I think the most helpful things would be omega 3 supplements, like fish and cod-liver oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, etc.  And especially probiotics.  I have trouble with acne on my nose and it cleared up very well when I started introducing many probiotics to my diet.  I was taking them for something else, and was pleasantly surprised at the improvement.

I think I heard that sometimes things like clearasil can worsen the problem, triggering high oil production, depending on what kind of acne you have.  Perhaps a gentle exfoliant like the ones made with apricot pits would work better?
Water, and heaps of it 2-3 liters a day. It worked for me.
And tell her not to pick at them :wink:
I have been struggling with acne since I was a teen, and continue to have problems with it, and I've tried many different things.

 Drinking lots of water is definitely the first thing you can do.  Like Miss Fluffy, I would recommend a primrose oil supplement, and probiotics, which can be found in yogurt or acidophilus milk if the idea of a pill is not attractive.  Also, getting plenty of sleep is essential.

Then, get a loofah sponge (stores usually sell a small, terry-backed one) that she will use to scrub her face.  I always use a natural soap to wash my face first, to get off all the makeup and dirt, and oil that has accumulated during the day.  I scrub my face with the loofah and rinse well with hot water.  (I also tend to get eczema around my mouth and nose, however, so I avoid those areas.)  Then I use a gentle exfoliating cleanser (like the one Clearasil has, with salicylic acid) and after drying my face, I rub this in until it feels tingly and then I rinse it off with hot water.  I do not apply anything like aloe vera to my face afterwards.  I think aloe vera actually may seal the pores, and with oily skin you don't want to do that.  Until the skin clears up, she may want to do this two or three times a day.  Her skin may get irritated at first, but it will balance out.  Once it clears, then she probably won't want to do that more than once a day.

There is another product I use, that surprisingly does not make my eczema flare up, and it is from Bath and Body Works.  It is their Oily Skin Foaming Facial Wash (C.O.Bigelow line) that has grapefruit and ginger root extracts.  I will alternate use of that instead with the Clearasil scrub- not both at the same time.

I've never used the Proactive, so I can't vouch for that.
Just out of interest Sophia, my wife has little spouts of acne but when she is expecting it disappears. Is it same with you?
Marty Wrote:Just out of interest Sophia, my wife has little spouts of acne but when she is expecting it disappears. Is it same with you?

It depends.  I have noticed that my acne is worse when I'm expecting girls rather than boys.  Every hormonal change registers on my face, of course.
Thanks so much everyone for your helpful advice. 

I would be keen for her to try the natural stuff first - like omega, probiotics, water, etc.  If it gets worse, then I'll try more drastic measures.  I've also heard that tea tree oil is good and also witch hazel lotion.


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