How to unstick photographs
Anyone have any advice for this problem?: I have a few photographs -- plain old pictures taken probably 20 years ago -- that are stuck together. I don't think there is any adhesive material sticking them together other than the surfaces of the prints themselves -- i.e., there's no glue or spilled Kool-Aid sticking them together, to my knowledge. I want to just pull them apart, but am afraid of tearing off the print. Any advice??
Maybe you could carefully steam them? Pulling is probably going to ruin them

Yeah, Tradglad, just pulling them apart scares the heck outta me! Your steam idea sounds mighty clevah; I will wait to see what others say... Thanks :)

I’d be a little wary about using steam – water and photos usually don’t mix very well. Maybe you should try a little WD-40. It’s pretty mild stuff (definitely non-corrosive) and will wipe right off whether it works or not.

Thanks, Mornac. OK, so far, my flowchart of action goes like this: WD-40, then steam if that fails. Any other suggestions? I realllllllly want to not mess these pix up; they're one of a kind and precious to me :(
Wouldn't WD-40 disolve the colors?  I use it to get crayon off of walls and stuff.
Quote:I use it to get crayon off of walls and stuff.

Seriously??? *makes mental note to buy more WD-40* Thank you for the tip! :lol:

I really recommend having a pro clean it.  They know what solvents to use, etc.  Because you'll be faced with the problem of cleaning the stuff off even after you get them unstuck.

Try putting them in the fridge for half an hour and then see if they'll unstick.

If that doesn't work, get a hair dryer, put it on the lowest setting possible, and keep the nozzle of the dryer (whatever it's called) at least 6 inches away.  They will get unstuck eventually.
Put them in the bin.

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