What are you paying..
..for gasoline in your area? Just curious. Gas went up another .10 last night, and we are now up to $3.49 per gallon.[Image: shocked019.gif]

hold on a minute .... it's Euros 1.10 per litre here - times roughly 3.8 to convert to gallons so that's euros 4.18 per gallon ....

that's USD 5.64 per gallon!

[Image: broke.gif]
Jason was just telling me that from the time he drove home the other night to the time he went back to work the next day that gas went up 11 cents a gallon. The Kroger where we get our gas (and is usually the cheapest around here) shot up to $2.89 for regular. If it's true that the Gulf Coast has the cheapest gas in the nation right now, I feel terrible for the rest of the country!
$2.89? I wish!  [Image: smile.gif] I, too, was curious to see what gas prices are like other places. This will be interesting. I am in western Washington and we paid $3.45/gal yesterday. Mass is about 80 miles away so we had to 'budget' for Ascension Thursday today. Sad.
Oh, that is sad, having to budget for Ascension Thursday!  And of course we want to give as much as possible to the collection.  May God bless you for the 80 miles and the sacrifices.
When I got out of Mass today, I saw that several places had gas at 3.55USD per gallon!  o.O
Hey, this is a pretty nifty (I still am not used to the term "cool") way to find gas prices in your area:

Just put in the city, or zip code and get a list of gas prices, name of the station and their location.  For instance the price of gas in Manchester, NH is:
Prices for Manchester, NH[Image: lowest.gif]$2.60  [Image: highest.gif]$3.03
You can find it for $2.60 at:the Sunoco station,

That can be a considerable savings.

Unfortunately, I'm in So Cal where gas prices are much higher. (about $3.50 or so.)
Try it, you might save a few $$.

Yesterday it was up to $3.50 here. Not sure what it is today though.
It was $3.33 here today for the cheap stuff.

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