They DO Exist!
Wow, my first time seeing a modern-day priest in a cassock, and not in a group photo of fellow order-members! (Actually, the only other priests I've seen in cassocks were in old photographs, and Bing Crosby's character in Going My Way. [Image: smile.gif]) And a Dominican, no less!

[Image: PICT0073.JPG]

Photo taken at the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Dominican order; borrowed from the blog at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary website:
As you may have noticed, no one in the photo is in a Dominican habit.  Believe me, I can sympathize with the stupefaction at seeing traditional garb, as I once shed tears when I first saw some Dominican sisters in full habit.  Still, no one in that photo is dressed as a traditional Dominican (if they should be).
Oh, my goodness, you're right! [Image: doh.gif] He's not a Dominican, otherwise he'd be wearing white! Hmmm...Maybe just a friend, then, there to celebrate.
i sometimes go to a capuchin monastery that does NO Masses and where the monks are honestly still very holy and the Masses very reverent (and they still wear the traditional garb even when they go down the street).

But some of the congregation...? after leaving Mass the other day i heard a lady say to her friend, "Did you see that little old man in the Friar Tuck outfit? Do you think he was a real monk or just the local oddball?"

The priests at my NO parish wear the cassock every day, and the Dominicans I attend school with all wear their habits.

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