Prayers, please!
It's too soon to press the panic button, but Miss Ava Marie has a bit of a heart murmer. She went to see a cardiologist today, waiting for test results.
Hopefully, everything is fine, and all the testing is just for the sake of erring on the side of caution.
Otherwise, mother and daughter are doing fine.
Thanks so much. You all are the best.
[Image: prayer3.gif]
I will definitely pray.  My first son had a heart murmur and went to see a specialist at the Children's Hospital a month after he was born--it was gone by then, praise God.  I hope the same is true for Ava Marie!
[Image: prayer.gif]I'll pray for her then too.
Heart murmurs usually amount to nothing.

Thank you to all for your prayers!!! She has an irregular heart beat when she is sleeping but it is not too serious we hope!!! Thank you for praying Ava and I appreciate it very much!!!
One of our daughters, also named Christine, had a problem with irregular heartbeat when she was born. The problem disappeared permanently in less than a week as her heart's nervous system matured and broke itself in.

I will keep you both in my prayers.

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