Pics from ICKSP Masses in Eire
ICRSS in Limerick
Msgr. Wach's Mass in St. Patrick's Church, Limerick, October 2006
[Image: 8_small.jpg]

Fr. Lebocq's recent Mass in May 2007
[Image: 6_small.jpg]

[Image: 10_small.jpg]

[Image: 3_small.jpg]

[Image: 7_small.jpg]

[Image: 5_small.jpg]

[Image: 1_small.jpg]

[Image: 2_small.jpg]

[Image: 4_small.jpg]

[Image: 9_small.jpg]

Oh, that church is lovely! I'll have to try to attend Mass there someday when I go back to Ireland again.
If I ever visit Ireland in my lifetime, I will be sure to go there!
Wow!!! Servers, Sean Reeves and Liam Reeves are Aussie kids (Irish mum) who went back to Ireland to live about 5 years ago and are now planning to return.

Thank you for posting these great photos of them!! My kids are so thrilled to see their mates.

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