Court to rule on link between vaccines and autism
Children with autism get day in court
Not to derail the topic, but my granddaughter needed vaccines for day camp and she wasn't feeling strong about it, and since I was behind in my tetanus and since tetanus is the only vaccine I give a rat crap about, I decided to get my tetanus shot.

Well, I was informed that some Enlightened Elitist who wants to make a difference has waved his scepter and decreed that now the tetanus will be mixed in with whooping cough.  Whooping cough?  Yes, it's making a comeback the health care lady told me.  Well I never heard a thing about that; what I have heard is that the pharmaceutical companies are always looking for a good way to increase their profit there really any point in arguing?  This must be more of that Freedom And Democracy...whatever.  "Hit me," I told the woman.

Two hours later I started with The Sore Throat, you know, the one that presages a cold.  The next morning I woke up with the Head Cold From Hell, but I didn't connect it with the vaccine.  That evening, I started up with this weird cough.  There was nothing to cough up, the point of it seemed to be a rapid sucession of upper chest contractions that really hurt and make me sound like I swallowed a wind instrument.  A flute, maybe.  And the scary part is those spasms took my heart rate right up there.  That's when I realized I had whooping cough.  I whooped all night long and into the next morning when it degenerated into a regular chest cold, deep and rattly and tough to shake.

I never ever get chest colds.  Never ever.  My husband is prone to those and thinks it's unfair since I smoke.  (But honey, I have that protective layer of tar that keeps the germs out.)  With me it's always sinuses.  I haven't had a chest cold since I was little so I know it was the vaccine that did this.

It was nice to be reassured of my superior cardio-vascular health.  I can see where whooping cough can kill somebody with the way it takes your heart rate into the stratosphere.  It's also nice that these vaccines are available.  It's not nice that I had no choice in the matter.  Who ARE these people.  I'm still sick today. 

I feel sorry for these people who have to raise autistic kids so somebody else can make a buck.  We are way over vaccinated.

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