Animals and their drugs
Cats hitting the nip, pickled bees, lemurs buzzed on millipede juice, drunken monkeys, trippin' jaguars, reindeer on 'shrooms -- animals explore better living through chemistry in this episode of the BBC's "Weird Nature." The footage of the cats on catnip (at the very beginning of the video) is great...

Weird Nature: Peculiar Potions
(29 minutes)

You know, a friend of mine back in college had a Morning Glory (or is it 'Morninglory'?) growing on the balcony of his apartment (kind of around the guardrail), and one day, this squirrel is out there eating all the seed pods on this Morning Glory. We were playing cards or something or other, and would check on him from time to time. Well, a couple hours later, this squirrel was, I'm completely serious, splayed out on his belly, laying there, arms and legs spread out like the four points of the compass, staring off into space, chin on the ground. I'm absolutely not joking. He laid there like that for hours. It was hilarious that a squirrel got trashed on the balcony, what a little hippie squirrel-- then again, it was Berkeley.
Ha, he can probably be found somewhere today, snorting nutmeg and smoking banana peel LOL Poor wittle squirrely...

Anyway, we've had the video about animals and drugs, so here's one about animals and sex. I'll keep an eye out for one about animals and rock and roll. All I have to say about the video below is: Poooooooooor Mr. Mantis!:

Weird Nature: Bizarre Breeding


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