Heaven and Earth Soap and Body Products--All natural

Hi, all! My aunt just finsished designing her website to advertise and sell her products and I hope you will check it out if you are interested in purchasing anything. She makes all natural soaps, lip balms, scrubs, lotions, body mists, and more! They are fabulous products especially if you are looking for a natural alternative!  Great for gifts too! Here's the site:

Thanks for the link! Those look pretty cool. [Image: smile.gif]
Just ordered four bars of soap.  Products look very nice, and I am looking forward to receiving them.  Strangely enough, I was looking at a company in Germany that made very interesting soaps, but decided not to order from them last week, then saw your aunt's site and knew why. 

I'll be sure to order me some "Mountain Man" soap bars!

Thank you for sharing and may God bless your Aunt's business. [Image: smile.gif]

God bless,
Joshua R. Smith
Just want to report that I have tried the Rejuvenation soap and it is fantastic!  I intend to buy a bunch and give them as stocking stuffers for Christmas.  Wonderful stuff.  Have many others to try, but love the Rejuvenation.

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