Please Pray for my baby
Miss Fluffy, you are in our prayers. :pray2: May God bless you and your baby.
Thank you so much for the prayers everyone.  It really means alot to me.

I've been burying myself in research about what may have gone wrong, and otherwise distracting myself.  I'm so much more at peace than I was yesterday, putting it all in God's hands.
The first trimester is usually the scariest. Hang in there, you are in my rosary intentions.
I'm praying for you all.
We will pray our rosary for you tonight and tomorrow we will offer our Mass for you and your baby.

Do not fear what may happen tomorrow,
The same loving Father who cares for you today
Will care for you tomorrow and everyday.
Either He will shield you from pain and suffering or
He will send you unfailing strength to bear it.
So be at peace,
Put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginings.

St. Francis de Sales.
Prayers for baby and Mom.
[Image: prayer3.gif]
The doctor verified this morning that I am definitely miscarrying.  The pain and the heavy bleeding started about an hour ago.

Thank you so much for your prayers everyone, it really means alot to me.
Be assured that everyone's prayers continue for you and your family.  [Image: prayer.gif]
Miss Fluffy, I am so sorry... there really are no words. Please know that you will continue to be in my prayers. [Image: prayer3.gif]

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