Marta is missing. Please pray...
Continued prayers for Marta.

man it must be cat day,this is my second post about cats,of whom i never talk about...

anyway this is for vox,

almost 3 yrs ago we were just about to move into a new house in a different city and location,and just a couple of days before the big move "Matilda" came up missing,we waited and searched in vain for her to no avail...

fast forward to about 2 months ago,we moved back into the old house we're in now,and just 2 days ago who do i see bright eyed and bushy-tailed and fatter than ever? yep, Matilda. seems she just didn't want to move and shacked up with some neighbors we didn't know who took good care of her and are keeping her with my blessing....

we got a new cat named Oscar,which i posted about in the other thread about the death-cat,whose name and looks are eerily similar to my own cat.cats seem to have premonition about things, Matilda knew we'd be back, the whole move was one big mistake and hurt my family,and i think that damn cat knew better....

something feline going on around here.....

i'll keep Marta in my prayers vox...

 the hammer.

The miracle happened!

With one hour 45 minutes left on August first, Vox and I went outside to call for Marta.  We walk 10 feet out the front door.  Vox calls her, I hear a meow.  I'm like "What the...?" I turn and shine my flashlight.  There's a cat.

I say, "Is that Marta?" and Vox yells "Yes! It's Marta!"

Marta came in and promptly ate a whole can of cat food and Vox is right now spoiling her rotten.  :)

The other weird thing is earlier tonight Honor was outside.  When he's outside, if he's not running around, he's asleep on the front steps or the deck.  I had looked out there earlier, and he was standing on the walk just staring at the front door.  Vox opened the door a bit later, and the same thing.  He was just standing there staring at the doorway.  I think Honor knew Marta was there and was protecting her.  ;)

Anyhow, I'll let Vox explain how and why this is a miracle.  It truly, truly is.

Vox and I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and let everyone know Marta is home safe.

Deo gratias!  And thank you Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Marta, St. Francis, St. Michael, St. Ignatius and all the other saints whose prayers we called upon for the favor of God that you obtained for us.
Hooray!  I can't wait to hear the details.
First, praise Lord Christ! Thanks to the Blessed Virgin, St. Francis, St. Martha, and my Mamma in Heaven or Purgatory for their prayers...

Why I consider this a miraculous sign: The day after my Irish-side Grandma died, my Mom, who mourned her a LOT, heard a little tapping at her back door. She opens it and finds -- a squirrel. A squirrel she'd never seen before. She runs inside to get something to feed him, and he takes it right from her hand. The squirrel, whom she named Squiggley, came back every day for a long, long, long time and kept my Mom company on her back porch, eating from her hand and giving her a little joy. She considered that squirrel's visits a gift from God via her Mom's prayers for her consolation. And I believe it.

My Mom died on 29 July 2003, a few years after my Grandma died, on the Feast of St. Martha, and I was sad like crazy; Mom and I were very, very close... After her funeral on 1 August, I went with my Pops and Bee to visit the Italian side of the family in Pops's old neighborhood. There I found this scampy little kitten in the streets (the same street I found my first cat ever, back when I was 1 or 2. Ole "Mamma Cat" lived to be 19 or 20 :) Anyway, I digress...). My cousin Johnny could tell I really liked that cat so he caught her and brought her to me as I'm sitting at my Aunt Catherine's table. "Here's your cat!" he says. And I took her home and she pretty much sat on my shoulder for 3 years. Almost literally. She slept with me every night, right in my face, and became a great consolation to me during the time after my Mom died. I named her Marta for the Feast on which Mom died, and I considered her to be my gift from God via my Mother's prayers.

I "knew" when Marta disappeared that, if she were to return, she would do so either on the 29th, the anniversary of my Mom's death, or on the 1st, the anniversary of her funeral and of my finding Marta. I told myself that if she didn't come back by the first, I would assume she was dead or just gone forever -- and that if she came back on either of those two dates, it would be, for me, a sign, a reminder of Who He is and of His consolations. And of my Mom's prayers.

The 29th came and went, and on that date Joe and I prayed a Rosary for my Mom, adding the intention that Marta return -- "especially on the 1st," my words verbatim. And here she came, on the first, with an hour and 15 45 minutes left, after our spending almost 2 weeks looking for her every night, putting food out on the porch for her, putting out posters, putting notices in all the neighbors' mailboxes, etc.  She came around that corner of the house and it was like everything went into slow-motion for a second. Then I snagged her, ran inside, and fell on my knees in total gratitude, bawling like a schoolgirl. God is good...

Thanks for all the prayers. I can't tell you how grateful I am for them... Thank you.
Deo gratias!
S.A.G. ~ Kathy ~ Sanguine-choleric. Have fun...or else.

Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi, quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum.
I'm so happy she's back safe! What a great sign, too!
How wonderful! I'm so happy she's back. Deo gratias
OH...the cat....I thought Marty was missing!

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