Prayers For NH Conference
Friends and neighbors,

ON the weekend of the 17-19 of this month, there will be a conference in Nashua, NH, sponsored by the pro-Feeneyite Saint Benedict Center (SBC) in Richmond, NH. I am going there to hear some of the speakers, as well as attend the Traditional Mass. But there are things happening behind the scenes that may give me cause to not go there.

Over the last year, the SBC has wanted to expand their complex to improve their school and chapel. Many in the town, including the town government, oppose it due to health and zoning concerns. Well and good.

But during this period, these concerns have grown enormously. Mutual animosity, mutual ad hominems and accusations from both sides have flown across the blogsphere. In the reaction section of the Keene Sentinel, the posts have dominated with these mutual accusations. Since March, the town government has - from all I can deduce - said "no" to the exapnsion.

Furthermore, they have brought up the smear reports from the SPLC to bolster their case against the SBC. Further, they have gotten support from the local Bishop, who has stated in writing that the SBC is not in communion with the Faith. The deacon heading the Center is claimed not to be validly ordained as such, and hence is considered a "fraud".

I have read the blogs of the Sentinel, as well as the opposition. And the whole thing scares me right to my socks. All I just want to do is go hear the speakers and attend the TLM. That's all, nothing else. Instead, for all I know, there could be public pickets against the Center. Along with the liberal media backing them to the hilt.

If I am wrong, I will stand corrected. But I don't like taking chances. Period.

So what I am asking - no, begging - is for prayers to do the right thing. That is, whether or no I should attend the Conference or cancel.

For reference, here are the posts from the Sentinel's "TalkBack" section:

And here is the opposition blog:

So please pray for me that the Lord guide me to what I'm supposed to do and soon. Thank you all in advance.
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