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TradCatholicGal Wrote:My understanding, rather, my definition, of what "unnatural" is: having plastic surgery (unless one required it due to being disfigured in an accident) or implants or similar things.
I still don't believe surgery is normal.

Quote:I highly disagree that having to pull our teeth is a "direct consequence of the sin [emphasis mine] of adulterating our food"...I don't think that white flour is a sin to make or eat, and while it's not as natural as whole wheat, I don't believe it's sinful.
It is if the producer/processors know that white flour causes damage to the body. Even Fr. Laux's Catholic Morality says adulterating food is a sin.

Quote:I know God has a sense of humor, but I certainly don't think that He is up there going, "Hey now, where'd My whole wheat go!? Well fine just for that I'm gonna make ya'll have to pull out your wisdom teeth!" ;)
I know that He doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to bodily harm of His creatures. I'm sure He's very angry with the men of the companies that sell a product that they know hurts people.

Quote:Rather, I believe that having to pull our teeth is a direct result of Original Sin - our bodies are not perfect and we're gonna have pain and suffering and hardship in life, and I think that that's where it and all health afflictions originate.
I know that it's a direct result of actual sins, error, and ignorance (both willful and inculpable).

Quote:But if wisdom teeth are impacted then they can really cause a lot of pain, and not to mention the fact that they'll ruin the other teeth in one's mouth - then they have to come out, not much of a choice there.
Yeah, no choice at all if you don't have the money to pay the doctor.

TradCatholicGal Wrote:But that doesn't make it *wrong* or sinful.
Never said any such thing.

Quote:We have an obligation to care for our bodies. Not caring for our bodies is in fact sinful.
St. Francis of Assisi seemed to think differently but I agree and that is why we must eat the right things because you are what you eat. Holy Communion gives that the most meaning.

Quote:Everything in moderation.
With that logical we could sin in moderation too.

Quote:I don't think it's sinful for me to eat a piece of white bread with my spaghetti made with white flour angel hair pasta noodles.
I didn't say the sin was the one consuming but the the one producing.

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