Welcome, zippO!

I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but the SSPX does some wonderful work in the Philipines to ease the plight of the poor such as clinics and housing projects.  It is one of very few countries where people in high places (military, government, etc.) are publicly involved with the SSPX, and where the corporal and spiritual works of mercy are treated as very important.  I think that, since your re-awakening happened while driving through a poor community, there may be a clue there to help you stay on the right track.  By involving yourself regularly in these works of mercy, you can gain graces that will help you overcome the temptations of your past life.  And by affiliating yourself with some organized and sociable works, you will be somewhat accountable for fulfilling your scheduled volunteer work.  You would also develop some good friendships and perhaps meet a girl with whom you could have a truly Catholic relationship.

God bless you, and welcome to FE.  Deo Gratias for your return!
Welcome, fellow Catholic and Filipino. I'm only 19, born and raised in the US, but a proud Filipino lad. Your story is interesting.
Interesting story. Welcome.
...that story reads like sumthin out of mills&boon!

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