Bake this cake!
I am not much of a baker, but this morning Andy and I made this lemon bundt cake:

It was so easy and it turned out perfect.  The recipe has a glaze but the cake really is good as-is.  The only thing I did differently is substitute soy milk for buttermilk.

That cake sounds awesome! I just realised though...I don't have a bundt pan! Is it possible to bake a bundt cake recipe in a not-bundt pan?
The bundt pan gives identity to the bundt cake.. using any other pan, even with the exact same ingredients, wouldn't result in anything resembling a bundt cake. It's apparently called a 'bundt' because of trademark bundt pans, which first appeared in the 1950s, so the whole thing is a bit like calling a vacuum cleaner a hoover. If you wanted to show off, you might be tempted to use a kugelhopf pan, to produce a towering mound of circular Scandinavian confection. Best of luck: may St Martha bless you with pastry hands (and liquorice elbows).

[Image: pointandlaff.gif][Image: fish.gif]
Well I know that it won't look the same in any other pan. What I meant was could you still use another pan and get the same cake or are bundt recipes designed specifically for the round pan with the hole in the middle? I would figure cake batter is cake batter, but I don't want to risk the cake coming out odd or cooked unevenly.
It makes a ton of batter because a bundt pan is pretty big.  Do you have two round cake pans?  That's how I would make it if I didn't have the bundt pan.

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