Self cooling beer
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Twenty years in the can: the beer that cools itselfBy Iain S Bruce, Technology EditorInvented in 1987, it could finally hit the shops by 2009IT DOES what it says on the tin: dispensing cold beer straight out of the shopping bag. In a move that could change the face of the barbecue forever, a Florida company has announced that it is gearing up for production of the world's first can that cools itself.
After countless delays and false starts, beverage breakthrough company Tempra Technology claims it is now finally ready to begin production of a revolutionary product that could earn its inventor a multi-million dollar fortune.
"If self-chilling cans are the beer drinker's Holy Grail, then we've found it for them. It has taken two decades and a lot of work to get this far, but everything is finally ready to roll, and the first cans should be hitting the open market within two years," said Dr Cullen Sabin, Tempra Technology's chief scientist.
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