Hello from a lurker

I've been a lurker and am now taking the plunge and saying hello [Image: hellosmiley.gif]. I am a 32 yr old mother of three children (who are baptised Catholic) and also a community/home birth midwife from New Zealand. I was baptised Anglican (my mum was Anglican, my Dad- Catholic) but I attended Catholic schools until I was 17. I have been going down the conversion path on and off since I was 15 but now feel the pull to convert so strongly I can't deny it. My partner is Catholic and comes from a Traditional Catholic family (who are the most wonderful people I have ever known and who have been an inspiration to me). I have never known Catholicism like this and it feels so right and reverent.
I am waiting on an annulment of my first marriage before I begin RCIA (annulment for defect of form as I was married to a Catholic in a civil ceremony and the marriage was not con validated before we divorced). It is my dream to marry my man next year following my conversion. I feel like I am on my way to putting my life right with the Lord. I can't wait until I am received into the Church and I look forward to knowing her loving embrace, until that time I offer up my yearning for this reconciliation and pray for patience and grace.
I hope to gain lots of insight and learn a lot from your forum. I apologise in advance if I ask any silly questions.


Welcome to the forum :)
[Image: hellosmiley.gif] Hi and Welcome!
Welcome to the forum! Just keep walking down that road to conversion and don't stop. My prayers are with you. [Image: prayer.gif]
Welcome! I think you'll find many of us walked in through RCIA, enjoy the trip.

BTW, these people are very nice about stupid questions, they put up with me several times a day and I haven't been flamed yet!

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