New from WI
Hello all --
I've been to Fisheaters many times, but only today discovered the forum!  So, hello from central WI.

Well, I joined the true Church of Jesus Christ 2 years ago, and am now involved with RCIA.  I was always a church organist, but now that I'm Catholic my call seems to be more in prayer and being a bridge for  converts, especially those who come from fundamentalist backgrounds.  Perhaps I'll get back to the organ later.

I'm blessed to be part of a church that takes the mass seriously.  We have a schola cantorum, we do many parts in latin, etc --- our priest is Bishop Burke's nephew.  8-)

I have 2 daughters, aged 5 & 4, and a husband who has yet to convert.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move him to the true church. 

I look forward to meeting others here. 
Hi Bonnie,
I'm wondering if you have ever watched a show called 'The Journey Home' on EWTN. If you don't currently have EWTN you really should consider switching to a cable/satellite company that carries it. It's good solid Catholic programming 24/7. The Journey Home is a weekly show hosted by a man who is a convert to the Faith, and each week he interviews somebody new who has also been converted to the Faith. The guest talks about their life, and the path that led them to our Church. It is very inspirational!
Anyway, best of luck and we'll keep your husband in our prayers.

Quote:Thus says the LORD: Stand beside the earliest roads, ask the pathways of old which is the way to good, and walk it, thus you will find rest for your souls. -Jeremiah 6:16
Yep -- I've been watching EWTN for 3 years -- it helped move me towards the RCC.  Grodi's testimony was the very first one I read over at the CHN.  I was fascinated (at the time) to discover that Protestants actually investigated the Church!  Grodi's testimony led me to S. Hahn's -- and then I found David Currie's book "Born Fundamantalist, B/A Catholic" and it was all over. 
Welcome to the forum Bonnie!

Many people have converted to Catholicism and then became Traditional Catholics seeking the Mass, teachings, and Sacaraments of the Church as they have been done for thousands of years.

Hopefully you will be moved to complete your journey home with the Traditional Mass and traditional Catholic practices and devotions.  :)

Greetings from a fellow newbie from central WI.
Hello and welcome!

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