Guinness Fading
pander44us Wrote:Yuengling Draft,double header of Jameson,Parodi cigar at the end of the shift.All I ever needed.Tried Guiness,thought I was drinking cold coffee[Image: beer2.gif]

Being Sicilian and Irish I'll go for the combo platter:  Guinness with a Parodi!
Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What?No tripe?With a Grappa chaser?[Image: beer2.gif][Image: beer2.gif][Image: beer2.gif]
I had tripe once.  Can't say it was that great.  Haven't tried grappa yet (I know, I know...)
Not missing anything not eating tripe.Used to eat it in the fall when I was younger and had a head cold.That way I couldn't smell it[Image: sick.gif]When you finally do try Grappa,go slow and hold on to your hat.Like swallowing a fireball at first,good taste afterwards.Or do what I do with the older,retired coal miners at the Abruzzi Club,swirl some of it in the bottom of an espresso.Works out good.[Image: coffee.gif]
Guinness is the pride of Ireland, but it's a gateway beer for sure.

Paulaner Celebrator is also good.

I have resolved to only drink traditional and local brews: Bavarian Beer(by Bavarian Brewers), Traditional Irish brews, and micro brews from either Colorado or Cincinnati. Oh, by the way, Stephen, my personal one time Guinness crushing was, I think, 16. The one metaphor that I equate Guinness to is "What happens when God rings out the moisture in a cloud? Why, it is canned in Ireland and it is called Guinness." As for Bavarian wheat beer, well, when sunshine in liquified. "Hopz und Maltz, Gott erhalt's!"
DaveC Wrote:Sounds like Ireland is really falling off...stop going to Mass, stop drinking Guinness...
Surely, the manifest lack of good taste is directly related to Ireland's forsaking the Faith of her Fathers. Bud and Miller? [Image: shameonyou.gif] Come on, say it isn't so.
I love my darks and stouts but I lost my taste for guinness (gin ass?) before I even had it.
I like Guinness just fine, but my fave stout is Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout.

I love AASS Bock from Norway, but it is nearly impossible to find fresh here in Louisville.

American beer ? Hard to beat Anchor Porter.
You folks are making me thirsty,
[Image: beer2.gif]  Cheers !
Guiness  leaving the brewery at James' Gate, who would have thought it?  What I wonder will happen next  in  Ireland,  divorce will be introduced and  they will  legalise  same sex realtionships.  OH Wait  they have already done that.[Image: wink.gif][Image: wink.gif][Image: wink.gif]

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