Where is Sophia?
Where is "Sophia" gone? Why has she been deleted?

She deleted herself.  As for why, she didn't say anything to me - I was as surprised as anyone to see her gone.

Maybe someone else has heard something.
Yes, she did delete her own account and I miss her terribly.
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Yeah, I miss her, too. :(
I hope everything is alright with her. I know her hubby was in the military...I pray that he is still safe!
I don't know why she deleted her account, but I, too, miss her and hope she comes back soon. [Image: sad.gif]  Sophia has serious brains and Lord knows we could use some of that around here.

I pray all is well with her and her family...
I also hope Sophia is ok and comes back. In the meantime, I, for one, will definitely pray for her intentions.
I would love to see both Sophia and Jen come back. What a loss. They had such great posts and I loved to see them both work on this board. I hope all is well guys!
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Hi and bye, curious.

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