Hello from Syracuse NY
[Image: hellosmiley.gif]Hi everybody!
     I've been reading these forums for a few months, and I find them to be very interesting reading and a blessing to me. Anyone here from Syracuse? I'm still trying to find a church home here- any suggestions?
Welcome.  :)

I was stationed in Syracuse in the Air Force, but I haven't been there in better than 20 years now.  I still remember Erie Boulevard, Melody Lanes (the only all-Christian bowling alley I've ever encountered), and the North Syracuse Sub Shop....I ate so many foot-long tuna subs from there, I probably ate a whole tuna all by myself.  :)

I also used to hang around in Camden, Chittenango, Baldwinsville, Fayetteville, and Marcellus on my off-duty hours; got up to Lake Champlain and Niagara Falls while I was there, too.  :)  New York is a very nice, very pretty state.  Lots to do.  I climbed the 2nd mountain I ever climbed in New York, up in the Adirondacks (the first one was in Alaska).
Welcome! :)
Hello! I don't live in Syracuse myself, but I do have a brother at BVM Academy. Welcome to FishEaters!
Fine bishop you have up there!  His cousin served as pastor here for many years.  I haven't been in Immaculate Conception in ages, but I can't imagine it's too bad.
    Hey, thanks to everyone for the welcomes and the suggestions. [Image: smile.gif]

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