Poll: Favorite Brand of Cigarettes
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Hay all you smokers. Here is a poll. What is your favorite brand of cigarettes and why?

Mine has to be Marlboro. It gives that sort of cowboy image. But not that I am shallow [Image: liar.gif]. Yet they also give a bit of a cigar taste. To me relaxing with a Marlboro smoke lighting up with a zippo is still cool and I am 21 years old. Who else shares this passion?
I started out smoking Marbys, then switched to Camels.  Now I smoke American Spirit.  They're 100% tobacco, and once you try them it's hard to go back to the other brands.

Vox and I also make our own cigarettes.  You buy the tinned tobacco and empty cigarette tubes (basically cigarettes without any tobacco).  Then you use a machine to fill the tubes.  You can save a lot of money that way.
I don't really smoke on a regular basis anymore, but when I do, this is my brand of choice.

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Oh yes, cloves are definitely my favorites, and the only thing I will smoke now (which is hardly ever.)  I get Djarums or Sampoerna. (I always liked the Sampoerna box.)

When I smoked, I liked Lucky Strikes, but usually smoked Marlboro or Camel.  I've tried the American Spirit before, but didn't really like them.  We also had hand-rolled sometimes- I got my husband smoking this way- I'm soooo sorry I did because now he wants to quit and can't. [Image: bawl.gif]  I usually see him with Marlboros. 
LSMFT/Lucky Strike means fine tobacco--Sinatra's smoke and mine until I stopped.  Miss it, terribly.  Had to give up coffee just to avoid the immense temptation.  Used to roam in miles of tobacco in Virginia when I was a boy--it was a culture all but vanished...[Image: wink.gif][Image: sad.gif][Image: pipe.gif]
When I used to smoke, my brands of choice were Marlboro Light or Djarums. I used to bum the Djarums off of Jason as the only cloves I could find were Sampoerna where I worked. I didn't smoke for that long and quit before I got pregnant, but there are still times when I really just crave a relaxing drag.
   If it ain't menthol, it ain't worth smokin' !  [Image: smokin.gif]
lisetravis Wrote:If it ain't menthol, it ain't worth smokin' ! [Image: smokin.gif]

Bleh...Menthol is the modernism of tobacco products.
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You aren't offended?

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