Poll: Favorite Brand of Cigarettes
AnimaChristi Wrote:
Atomagenesis Wrote:Camel Turkish Silver's are pretty good, I smoke them on occassion.
I tried Turkish Silver once and didn't like it. But I LOVE Turkish Gold. 

Cigarette smoking is a nasty habit I picked up in the Marines...I want to switch to pipe-smoking soon, which to me seems more sophisticated and classy (lol).  I'm afraid cigarettes make me look trashy and won't help me attract a Trad future wife.

Correct. As delish as some Marlboro and Camel blends are...What's more important?
That was one of the reasons I quit smoking-- because while smokers don't care if you smoke or not, non-smokers care greatly.

But when I did smoke, I'd basically inhale anything that smoldered.  Marlboro Reds were my favorite, but I'd also do whatever was cheap.  Sundance, Doral-- whatever.  Cigarettes were about $3.50 a pack then (what does a pack of Marlboros go for today?), and I found some "Class B" cigarettes-- "Texas X" brand (!) for $1.30/pack at a head shop once.  They were about as bad as you'd imagine tobacco mixed with gravel might be.

But "American Spirits" were the worst.  The bar I worked at sold a ton of them, so I'd end up with a pack every now and then.  I'd get the yellow ones.  Banana flavored, I joked.  They were awful.  They tasted like sawdust and newspaper.
By David Sedaris in the New Yorker

Quote:It was in a little store a block from our hotel that I bought my first pack of cigarettes. The ones I’d smoked earlier had been Ronnie’s—Pall Malls, I think—and though they tasted no better or worse than I thought they would, I felt that in the name of individuality I should find my own brand, something separate. Something me. Carltons, Kents, Alpines: it was like choosing a religion, for weren’t Vantage people fundamentally different from those who’d taken to Larks or Newports? What I didn’t realize was that you could convert, that you were allowed to. The Kent person could, with very little effort, become a Vantage person, though it was harder to go from menthol to regular, or from regular-sized to ultra-long. All rules had their exceptions, but the way I came to see things they generally went like this: Kools and Newports were for black people and lower-class whites. Camels were for procrastinators, those who wrote bad poetry, and those who put off writing bad poetry. Merits were for sex addicts, Salems for alcoholics, and Mores for people who considered themselves to be outrageous but really weren’t. One should never lend money to a Marlboro-menthol smoker, though you could usually count on a regular-Marlboro person to pay you back. The eventual subclasses of milds, lights, and ultra-lights not only threw a wrench in the works but made it nearly impossible for anyone to keep your brand straight. All that, however, came later, along with warning labels and American Spirits.

The cigarettes I bought that day in Vancouver were Viceroys. I’d often noticed them in the shirt pockets of gas-station attendants and, no doubt, thought that they’d make me appear masculine, or at least as masculine as one could look in a beret and a pair of gabardine pants that buttoned at the ankle. Throw in Ronnie’s white silk scarf and I needed all the Viceroy I could get, especially in the neighborhood where this residence hotel was.
(Hat Tip: Rod Dreher, Crunchy Con)

Kal Wrote:[Image: Marlboro.png]
Hay all you smokers. Here is a poll. What is your favorite brand of cigarettes and why?

Mine has to be Marlboro. It gives that sort of cowboy image. But not that I am shallow [Image: liar.gif]. Yet they also give a bit of a cigar taste. To me relaxing with a Marlboro smoke lighting up with a zippo is still cool and I am 21 years old. Who else shares this passion?

Marlboro is also my favorite brand. My favorite variety is the Marlboro Virginia Blends 100's but, I also like the Reds and Smooths.
I rarely do, but when I'm out with friends or when I crave a smoke (preferably some sort of menthol), I'll get malboro, camel, or parliament, but I hate the smell of my clothes and fingers after. I've tried a grape cigar and it was great.

AnimaChristi, I used to hookah with friends for hours on end and considered getting my own, but I decided to stop any form of smoking since it's affecting my asthma and my exercise routine.
I'm currently on the Chantix trying to kick a bad Camel Filters habit. I've smoked them all (or close to it,) and I can't find anything to rival Camel Filters.
My favorite cigar's are Davidoff's.
Adonis33 Wrote:My favorite cigar's are Davidoff's.

Fortunately, I've managed to quit smoking. But, back in the days when I did, Davidoff's were cream of the top.
Adonis33 Wrote:My favorite cigar's are Davidoff's.
 Give me a Fuente Hemingway Short Story!
Yeah i like the occasional smoke, about 20 cartons a day..just a little relaxing thing i do in the evening.

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