Poll: Favorite Brand of Cigarettes
Merci blondes are amongst the best.
sheep101 Wrote:Anyone here like Djarum Blacks? They are very tasty.

They are, but I don't like the idea of funding anti-Christians.
Adonis33 Wrote:My favorite cigar's are Davidoff's.

I can't stand those things.[Image: puke.gif]
fridayer Wrote:
jovan66102 Wrote:I smoked Camel nonfilters for almost 40 years before I moved to Canada. Got here and as an 'import' they're even more expensive than Canadian cigarettes which run from $8.00-$12.00 a pack (of 25)! If I could afford them, I'd smoke John Player's Plain (nonfilter), but they're at the $12 end of the scale. So, on payday I buy a pack of Canadians (brand name!) at the $8.00 end and the rest of the time I use the "tube machine" and make my own with Canadian tobacco and John Player tubes. I just wish I could find a tube machine that would make nonfilters. They are so much faster and neater than a rolling machine.

Oh, and as if cigarette prices aren't bad enough, don't get me started on the price of beer!

Beer is too expensive everywhere. It should be free.

[Image: beer2.gif]

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