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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and am happy to be a new member. Please read this brief history of how I was brought to the true rite of the Mass.

It was only this year in January that I started attending a Tridentine Mass, after the Novus Ordo Mass was loosing its attraction, members, and many attributes that are still present in the Old Rite.

Surprisingly, my initial conversion to the Old Rite was when Muslims tries to convert me to the religion of Islam. They posed many questions that, at the time, I could not answer. So my faith led me to read about the Bible and its History which ultimately led me to the only true Bible, in my opinion, the Latin Vulgate. In addition, I further divulged into the Catechism of the Catholic Church, after reading the Catechism of Council of Trent and Modern Catechism, I knew Trent got it right.

Over time I continued to attend the Novus Ordo Mass more and more frequently, until there was a point that I felt a vacuum or something I knew was not correct. Truthfully, it was more a feeling that most of us get in some point in our lives, when we know that something is not as it should be. I am confident many of you know what it is I speak of. In any event, it just so happened that simultaneously in my life I happened to view an interview involving Mel Gibson concerning the 'Passion'. In this interview the topic of Traditional Catholicism was entertained. Since I knew nothing of Traditional Catholicism, I began to research and investigate, using books, the Internet and buying a Roman Missals printed prior the Second Vatican Council changes (New Roman Missal -Fr Lasance, St Joseph Missal, and even a 1962 Roman Missal by Angelus Press).

To make a long story Short I found a Tridentine Mass and started attending. It HAS FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE. I have never missed mass on Sundays or days of Obligation since, but more importantly I look forward to Mass all the time, and to make Penance. Something I never did during my attendance at the Novus Ordo Service.

It was the attacks on Catholicism by Muslims and later the movie the 'Passion', that ultimately led me to seek out Traditional Catholicism and the Tridentine Mass. The answers (apologetics) were found clearly in Traditional Catholicism and not in Modern Catholicism. I continue my journey of learning and have found this site of Fish Eaters.

Thanks to all, and I Thank GOD+ for his guidance and showing me the way.

GOD+ Bless.
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