Recipes for Freezing
Well, the time is getting close! Baby Erik will be here in less than two weeks and I really would like to store away a few meals for after he comes. :)
The pre-made frozen casseroles at the grocery stores are usually so unhealthy and get tiresome quickly, so I would love to make some myself.  Does anyone know of any good recipes or casseroles that are simple to make and freeze well?
Can't think of any straight off, except Shepherd's Pie freezes well as do soups and breads.

If you're doing casseroles line the dish you're going to freeze it in with cling film (do you call it seren wrap?) so you can get your dish back in the meantime.  Unwrap the cling film when it's time to use the dish and pop it, still frozen, into the dish it was frozen in.

Am I making sense?

What Ger said!

I use the times four method, saves time if you make up quadruple quantities of everything, whatever you're cooking normally that will freeze, and freeze what you don't need for later. Pasta sauces (except cheese) also freeze really well, then all you have to think about's defrosting them and heating them up in the microwave when you're cooking the pasta. I have crumble toppings for fruit crumbles and pastry and the chopped up fruit for pies/crumbles already portioned out in bags for when I'm in a hurry so I can just pour out the fruit, pour out the crumble, and bung it in the oven. You get through a hell of a lot of freezer bags though!
Edit: Basic freezer tomato pasta sauce, without herbs, I also use as a base for other meals, like chilli and curry, just adding what people fancy at the time.
Enchiladas and lasagna are especially great to make ahead of time and freeze.
Chicken and Rice, Meatballs, and Stew are a few more. 

  Google OAMC (Once a Month Cooking) and you will find some good leads.  I really like The Freezer Cooking Manual by Nanci Slagle. 

There's alot of recipes like that available at

Mommie2Boys ~ I have been thinking of you lately. [Image: pregnant.gif] I am behind you by just a few days. Are you getting impatient and uncomfy, too? I will keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted!

As far as frozen meals, I admit that at this point in the pregnancy I am only motivated to go buy a few Stouffer's 'party' sized frozen dinners to store in the freezer. Your ambition is inspiring .[Image: wave.gif]

Thank you for all of the suggestions so far!
Ger--that is an awesome idea! Dishes are limited, so using the saran wrap would be great!!

LittleFlower--yes, I am insanely impatient and uncomfy. I am not progressing at all and it bothers me. Patience is not one of my pet virtues, unfortunately. :( I'll pray for you too!
  If you like to pre-cook the dishes before freezing for faster serve times, line the dish with heavy duty aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap. Make sure it is heavy duty though or it will rip up when serving. Just line dish with the foil prepare the dish and cook as normal. Cool, then cover lightly with a "foil lid", put dish into freezer. After it is frozen just remove the food from the dish and wrap tightly with more foil. When ready to cook, no need to thaw, just remove all but the original foil with the "foil lid". Place back into the original dish, cook as normal but remove the "lid" near the end of cooking time.

  I use this method quite a bit.
Recipes for Freezing
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2 - Pull out when frozen

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